Morning Commute: People I’ve Seen

One wouldn’t think that I’d have that much “people scenery” on my commute and normally I don’t, but today I got to see two fantastic characters…in addition to the turkey who returned!

Biker Chick?
I was tailing someone on a motorcycle and was already entertained by that fabulous thing that happens when someone wears clothes that are loose and they ride a bike.  Know how the wind sweeps up inside their clothes and makes them look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man*?  I love that.  So this person, in addition to being humorously puffy, had a braid.  It was a poor excuse for a braid, but a braid nonetheless.  It could have fallen easily into the category of rattail.  I was thoroughly amused because the rat-braid was whipping about like a pinwheel.  I thought “that guy is awesome.”  Then I passed him…and it was a her.  Maybe.

Mid-Life Crisis
I passed another guy who was in a frat-guy Jeep with the top down.  He was wearing a button-down shirt that was a lovely shade of BRIGHT teal (mistake 1).  He had a prominent bald spot (mistake 2…top down, bare head!).  He was ROCKING out to some tunes and he looks like an absolute fool.  But the kicker:  He was driving about 45 in a 65 and an 18-wheeler had to pass him. 

*Side note: For the longest time, I thought it was State Puff Marshmallow Man… that doesn’t even make sense.


~ by zuzu on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Morning Commute: People I’ve Seen”

  1. I too that it was ‘Mr. State Puft” for about 14 years 🙂 And it was on this weekend. I could watch that alllllllll day

  2. […] haven’t had an installment of “People I’ve Seen” since my previous blog way back in 2010! Last night, however, about 15 minutes into my dinner at a local pub, I knew that […]

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