I think I have a gift

I’ve suspected for sometime, but it was confirmed yesterday, that I may be psychic.  Crazy, right? 

Let’s not get too excited.  Yet. 

So far my psychic abilities have been limited to things that just really don’t matter.  Nothing cool like lottery numbers or anything that could be beneficial in the “party trick” category. 

I’m limited in my skills so far.  I noticed my gift first as it pertained to books I was reading.  I don’t necessarily have a reading list.  I read a book, finish it and then wait for the next book to “speak to me” to let me know that’s what I should read.  (Did you just call me crazy?)

Without fail, the book I have just finished has some odd connection to the next book I pick up.  For example, I just finished The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain  (so good, by the way!) and that day I bought a new book, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  Two very unrelated books, except they both have a character named Tully in it.  WHAT are the odds.  Stupid stuff like that happens all the time. 

See nothing that matters or has any bearing on anyone’s life.  It’s just weird.

But the confirmation that I’m psychic happened on my drive home yesterday.  There I was, cruising along, listening to my tunes.  My iPod was on shuffle and I had just completed belting out Moon River (singing back up to the amazingly talented Patti Griffin) and before the song was over, I started singing “Helping the kids out of their coats…” – the first line to Mushaboom by Feist.  Then a second later it was on! 

Let’s just reiterate:  iPod on shuffle… at least 175 songs on that playlist… and I started singing the next song.


Now I just need to figure out a way to make this occur on a more regular basis, as well as have some purpose.  ‘Cause the sole purpose right now is to just freak me out… and even then it’s short-lived.


~ by zuzu on July 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “I think I have a gift”

  1. ok, i have an idea. treat your people….like books.
    i’m a book. you’re reading what i’m saying…


  2. I’ve been meaning to read Firefly Lane. Post how it is!

    I totally agree with you. Psychic ability seconded.

  3. i think cody bear will LOVE maine!

  4. Sometimes I start signing a song, and then turn on the radio and it’s on. But not just the same song, but the same PART of the song. Perhaps we can pick up radio signals to a degree… I read some article once about how it’s just math, and that sooner or later the song we are thinking of will come on the radio or computer at the same time, like it’s probability. I bet that guy is a lot of fun at parties…..

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