I don’t understand

There are some things that I’ve found confusing recently. Please explain:

1.  When one takes out an audiobook on CD from the library how is it that every disc gets ridiculously scratched?  What are these people doing to these discs?  I’m currently on the 6th disc of something like 23 discs and each one has looked like it was put on the bottom of someones shoe while they walked in gravel.  When I have a disc, I take it out of the sleeve, insert it into the CD player and listen and then return it to it’s safe home in the sleeve.  Rarely does it come in contact with sandpaper / gravel / coarse salt or anything of the like.

2.  My girl George has spoken of this one, but it continues to confuse me – How do people lose one shoe on the side of the road?  And Wade just pointed out to me that lately he has seen multiple books on the side of the road.  I asked him how many “multiple” was… on average, how many instances per day does he see these books sitting on the side of the road?  His answer: THREE PER DAY!!!  Can you believe it! 

3.  Sort of related to the above question, why would someone sell – and more importantly, why would someone buy – a single shoe from ebay?  I’m all about the Christian Louboutin shoes, but I want two of them!!  Is there a great demand for individual shoes?  It seems to me, that if I were to only have one leg/foot and wanted to purchase one shoe, a Louboutin heel would not be the best option. 

Oh my gosh!  I just scrolled down further on the link above and it turns out there is a whole outlet specifically for single shoes!  Who knew!?


~ by zuzu on July 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “I don’t understand”

  1. i’m wondering if the books are being left on the tops of cars? then they drive away? like that guy with the baby in the car seat one time a couple years ago.

    or they’re like…”this book freakin’ sucks!” and they huck it out the window? i mean how closesly has he looked? are they all copies of “going rogue?”

    • He seems to think that there are more now than, say… November. He thinks maybe school is out and they are saying good ridance. Assuming that it’s college when you own your books vs. high school when you have to give them back. Either way. That’s a lot of books.

  2. I guess someone with one leg would like to buy only one shoe?

    Besides that I don’t have much answers for you, and I wondering about 1 & 2 myself :/

  3. I was going to go with leaving a book on top of the car and driving away. Not saying I did that with a BAG of library books, but just saying, hypothetically, if I HAD done that, I would have heard it smack the window, say a swear word, and then stop the car and get the books. Just sayin’

    However, I have never understood the shoe thing….. I mean is someone walking along the road, loose a shoe and then 5 miles later say “crap! Where did my shoe go?” I dunno….. or are they driving down the road and just decide that the shoes don’t feel comfy so they take the left shoe and throw it out the window? I mean the right shoe is technically on the gas pedal…. I dunno.

    And the whole CD/DVD thing drives me batty…. I find the same issue with DVDs…. I always wonder what these people are doing with these things!

  4. i am always curious about the clothing you see on the side of the road, like sweatshirts, or one flip flop (saw it the other day) my friends and i in college would joke and say “hey…theres your shoe!”

  5. First, an outlet for single shoes is… just… wow.
    Second, Jim Gaffigen (my current fav comedian) has this great bit about finding full bags of garbage by the side of the road. “I’m too lazy to take mine out to curb, and this guy is giving his garbage a ride? ‘Hey garbage… you’re getting out here. Get out!’ “

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