Snakes On A Plane 2 – Even Snakier

Setting:  My Living Room Scene:  I’m attempting
to print a recipe for muffins.  The printer that is rarely
used is putting up a fight and refusing to spit out a single
printed sheet.  The printer claims “Paper Jam” and
“Communication Error.”  I attempt to mend this problem by
unplugging the printer at which time something catches my
eye.  And…. ACTION! Me:  huh…. that was odd
(I think).  Wade! Can you help me?  I’m pretty
sure there is something in the printer and it’s going like
this.  I mimic something flicking its tongue at me.
Wade:  [looking at me like I am
Really? Me:  Really!  It’s
going like this.  [I mimic again.]
Wade:  Are you serious enough for me to take the printer
outside. Me: Yes! Wade: Ok.  [He picks up the
printer and looks in it. ]
  Huh… well isn’t
that interesting.  Can you get the door for me? Me:  Is
there something in there? Wade: Yes.  Can you get the door?
Me:  [Running ahead of him I open the door]
Is it a lizard?  (*side note… there aren’t many
lizards in New England… not sure why I would think there would be
a lizard in my living room) Wade:  No.  [Walks
a significant distance from the house and puts the printer on the
Scene:  We are now in the front yard with a
printer.  Wade has just opened the top of the printer and I
simultaneously scream, run away and shriek “I’m getting the
camera!”  I return with the camera and a 5 foot stick. 
As I keep a safe distance and poke the printer with the a stick,
Wade stands by to take photos:

Hello. Im living in your

youre wondering how long Ive been there.

never know. Im outta here!

 Some additional notes: 1.  The snake was 2 1/2 ft. long.
2.  I have four animals who are all on probation now for not
killing this visitor. 3.  I’ve not moved yet, but I’m strongly
considering it.  4.  Wade felt bad (not real bad, but bad
enough) for thinking I was insane.  5.  This REALLY


~ by zuzu on July 28, 2010.

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  1. Serious?

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