I love my dogs, but…

The Man and/or Big Brother know every move I/we make.  So when I purchase items from Drs. Foster & Smith for my “kids” it seems that any animal-related company is now in the loop and will send me info and catalogs.  Sometimes they miss the mark all together and I receive some literature on keeping parrots in your home, but other times they nail it – or so I thought – and I get fun catalogs.  Such a catalog arrived yesterday from a company called In the Company of Dogs.  This sounds right up my alley. 

I settled in to check out all the products I would not purchase for my pets.  I love them dearly, but they just don’t require much more than a lap to sleep on, plenty of food and water, and lots of love.  If I buy them toys, they will most likely prefer the packaging or the shoe that is next to the packaging versus what is in the box. 

That point aside, In the Company of Dogs offers some items that I would not purchase, but I’m just dying to meet the people who do (I may get another post out of it!)! 

The Belmont Feeder

Belmont Feeder Small

Classic fluted design with heavy pedestal base prevents tipping while providing optimum height for ease and healthy digestion. Cast resin with finely aged bronze finish. Removable stainless-steel bowls.   **Recommended to dress your pooch in their finest toga before all meals.  Also, be sure that each of your pets receives the same amount of food during each meal service to avoid any paw lashing and shrieks of “Et tu Brute!”

Doggy Treadmill

Dog Treadmill Small

Give your dog a great workout he’ll enjoy every day, regardless of weather! Treadmill exercise improves a dog’s health and well-being, as it helps increase muscle tone, reduce obesity, relieve excess energy, improve vitality and increase lifespan. Sturdy, dog-friendly design features whisper-quiet operation with programmable time and distance, adjustable speed settings and incline options, side rails and treat holders. Easy to clean, transport and store.  **Oooo…Easy to transport!  Exactly what everyone needs in their treadmill.  Note:  Leash laws may or may not be applicable in your home.

Pet Waste Power Vac

Pet Waste Power Vac

Cordless Pet Waste Power Vac The next generation in hands-free pooper-scooper technology, ingenious Pooch Power™ cordless yard vacuum picks up your whole lawn in one clean sweep! Lightweight yet powerful, it suctions up waste and deposits it directly into biodegradable plastic bags for quick, efficient cleanup. No bending; no messy shovels. Use it daily, or pick up a week’s worth of waste at a time!  **For the folk so lazy they have to buy their dog a treadmill, now you don’t have to bend over to pick up after your pooch either!  

Anti-Lick Strip

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Small

An easy, safe and effective deterrent to obsessive licking and chewing behaviors. Unique, medical-grade adhesive bandage strips coated with all-natural organic powders are clinically proven to protect hot spots, granulomas and post-surgical sites. A great alternative to sprays and bulky E-collars.  **I’m not against this product.  Alex could actually benefit from this… However, this bracelet costs more than a lot of my jewelry. 

These are just some of the silly items.  Rest assured, In the Company of Dogs will probably be getting my business anyway (assuming I can swing free shipping) because look how cute these are:

Pop Art Collar Bright Stripe X SmallMy girls are due for some new collars…

Summer Buzz Ribbon Collars Blue Flower X Small


~ by zuzu on July 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “I love my dogs, but…”

  1. ok….i know a person with a border collie that has a treadmill for it!

    so i checked the site out and i like: the BLOOMERS, the QUADRO stroller frame, the BOOBOOLOON, and my favorite…THE PAW PLUNGER!

    riiiight. good luck with jamming your dog’s paw in that thing.

  2. Well I know what you mean by catalogues but I like the look of those snazzy dog collars, so I’m heading off to that site, thanks!

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