Describe the owner…

At work this weekend, like during any function, there was a smattering of items that were collected in Lost & Found.  The usual suspects include wallets (easily identifiable), a mitten, keys and cell phones.  No exception, there were a variety of cell phones that turned up.

With any of L&F items, there is some attempt to determine the owner – forensics if you will – prior to retiring it to the official revolving L&F file that is ultimately going to be a box of crap that no one claims.  Wallets are the easiest obviously.  Open, grab the ID, page the person.  Bam! Reunited!

Next easiest is the cell phone.   Slightly more of a challenge as one’s name is usually not readily available.  However, when the person notices that their cell phone has gone missing, they will more often than not, call it in hopes of: a) hear it ringing in their pocket/close vicinity or b) the finder of the cell phone will answer it.  Nine times out of ten, the finder is more than willing to part with the cell (unless it’s a really nice one and then ransom or a trade may be involved).

We (one of the Amy’s) were fortunate enough to have been delivered a lost cell phone.  I plan to provide you with some basic info and based on this info, you should comment with whom (some description) you think the owner is:

~ Blue flip phone with full keyboard
~ Plastic protective case – scratched… clearly doing it’s job
~ Front screen had a sports logo and ” ❤ ❤ Abbe ❤ <3″

Content: Info acquired only from first glance; we did not look at private info or contact info
~ (12) New Text Messages
~ Incoming call was from “Mom”

We called Mom back when we missed her call.  Mom said that they’d be in to grab the phone.  And moments later, in walked Mom and _______

Based on the provided info, who is the owner?  Be as detailed as possible.

Also, in hindsight, Amy and I strongly regret NOT reading the 12 new text messages.




~ by zuzu on February 1, 2011.

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